Marine insurance covers a wide array of watercraft and include: Boats, Personal Water Craft, Yachts, Sailboats, Dinghies etc. It not only provides cover whilst on the water, but while being stored or towed to your home. Watercraft insurance covers you against loss or damage to your own vessel and other parties property or personal injury; all of which could result in a large and costly repair bill.

Handy Hints

  • Some insurers will give you the option of a lay-up period.
  • Like car insurance, each vessel will attract a different level of risk. Boats are usually categorised according to their vessel type.
  • Assess the very expensive parts of your boat and check that your policy provides cover for damage to those parts.
  • If you tow skiers or intend to do other aquaplaning behind your boat it is really important to EXTEND your policy to include “Skiers Liability”