Is your current HomeOwners policy good enough?

Have you ever read your policy? Not many people do and few understand exactly what they are covered for. Even fewer people know what is missing from their policy and the impact that will have on them when a claim occurs.

Aren’t all policies the same? Like most products, policies can be produced at a lower cost by reducing quality – cutting the cost or frequency of claims. The policy wording is your guide here. Some of the things to look for are – cover for flood, action of the sea, accidental damage, cover away from the premises, limits on valuable items, additional cover for disasters and if “average” applies.

What else do I need to consider? Some aspects of the cover are not in the policy and cannot be determined until you have a claim, or know someone who has. Tactics such as reduction of service, no choice of repairer or claim delay can be used by an insurer to reduce costs.

How do I decide? Every person has different needs. On a strict budget? You may have to accept reduction in cover or a larger excess to be able to pay the bill. Want the best value? We can help you choose exactly what you need to provide the best cover for you. Want the best cover? We have access to specialist policies that give you the very best in cover and claims service. We can give you the advice you need to get the best policy for your unique needs.